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If you would like to link with the Hayes & Finch web site, please click the Email Us link on the side panel to send further information. We have reciprocal links with the following web sites. For further information see our terms page.

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    Books / CDs / Gifts

  • Church House Bookshop online
            The UK's Christian Bookseller of the year 1998.

  • Vanguard Magazine
            Wide range of lively articles and resources in a magazine format.

  • Heavenly Bound Rosaries
            Rosaries, bracelets and necklaces.

  • David Patrick Bryan

  • Pray the Rosary
            Quote - This is a call for all Catholics to join us in heeding the call to prayer.

  • Sunrise Marian Centre
            Quote - Specializing in Catholic music, books, gifts, and videos.

  • Personalised Rosaries
            Quote: Custome made rosaries designed by you.

  • Love Offering
            Quote: We proudly offer our line of Inspirational Greeting Cards, Gifts, Christian Business Web Hosting and Design Services.

  • Jesus Laughing
            Quote: PRAISE PRINTS...beautiful full color prints, portraits and T-shirts of Jesus Laughing.

  • Traditional Catholic Midi Files
            Huge range of midi files of Catholic and Byzantine music.

  • Heavenly Images.
            Quote: California Artist, Jay Crisafulli, is proud to offer her inspirational images for the first time on the Internet.

  • Heirloom Rosaries
            Quote: Heirloom Rosaries are made from the finest gemstones using heavy gauge Sterling silver, 14K gold or gold-filled wire (or to keep the cost down, nickle silver).

  • Blessings Expressions of Faith
            Quote: Dolls and figurines depicting the traditional dress and works of the sisters. Catholic school & Communion girl dolls. Religious & Inspirational gifts.

  • Image and Likeness Iconography
            Quote: Byzantine Icons, Frescoes & Icon Cards of the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church.

  • Online Catalogue of Religous Icons
            Quote: Very wide range of icons.

  • Healing Ministry Resources
            Quote: Healing ministry is experiencing a rebirth. If you long to bring God's love and healing to others ... This site is for you

  • LSL Enterprises
            Quote: Importers of European Religious Articles

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    Resources / Lists / Directories

  • Internet Theological Resources
            Internet Theological Resources from the college of St. Benedict.

  • Anglicans online website
            Huge resource site for Anglicans.

  • Church Net UK
            A large directory of resources - part of St. Martin's College, Lancaster.

  • Catholic Portal
            Catholic internet portal with a wide range of useful information and links.

  • Lift Up Your Hearts
            The site of the Lutheran church with extensive links.

  • Independent Catholic News
            Quote: Independent Catholic News is the first daily Catholic on-line news service in the UK.

  • Resources for Catholic Educators
            Resources for Catholic educators including lesson plans, worksheets, colouring pages, free religious clip art, and a religious education magazine.

  • Catholic Charismatic Center
            Serving the members of the Charismatic Renewal in the Roman Catholic Church

  • Catholic Information Service
            Quote: We have in this site collected links from various Catholic sites that are faithful to Tradition and to Church Magisterium, and we have organized the material in categories. Our site has a special attention to Saint Michael the Archangel.

  • Christian quote of the day
            Quote: To direct, inspire, encourage and help ordinary Christians in the rough and tumble of their daily lives.

    Christian Quote of the Day
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  • A Catholic Response
            Quote: Our mission is to present the Truths of the Catholic Faith by simple means, relying on the providence of God.

  • In Defense of the Catholic Church
            Quote: This Web site will explain Catholic beliefs in reference to the Holy Bible.

  • Healing Ministry Resources
            Quote: Healing ministry is experiencing a rebirth. If you long to bring God's love and healing to others ... This site is for you

  • Christian Life web site
            Quote: The whole of the Christian Life is like a great pilgrimage to the house of the Father.
  • Catholic Vessel of Hope!
            Site offering wide range of links. Quote: HOPE is the principal spring that keeps humanity in motion.

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    Diocese and Parish links

  • The Parish of Mold
            A parish of the Anglican Church in Wales (Episcopalian).

  • The Blackburn Anglican Diocese Web Site
            Church of England Diocese, Lancashire.

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    National sites / Foreign language

  • The Catholic Scotland website
            Information about the Catholic Church in Scotland.

  • Spanish Catholic portal
            Spanish language Catholic portal.

  • La Agrupacion Católica Universitaria
            Huge list of Spanish and English Catholic sites.

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    Sites by individuals

  • Fr. Elmer J. Burwinkel's web site
            Quote: - This web-site is to bring many people to be their greatest, disciples of Christ, through Mary, to the glory of the Trinity of God.

  • Jubilee 2000 Sculpture in Rome
            The Jubilee 2000 Sculpture in Rome depicting the life, birth and death of Jesus.

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    Catholic interest sites

  • The Medjugorje Web
            Quote: The Medjugorje Web is dedicated to providing information about one of the most incredible and important supernatural events of our time.

  • Spirit Daily
            Huge collection of articles and links.

  • Spiritual Direction and Spiritual Directors
            Quote: Spiritual Direction book published in 1998 entitled: Spiritual Direction & Spiritual Directors: St. Francis de Sales, St. Teresa of Avila, Thomas a Kempis and St. John of the Cross.

  • Mother Teresa: The Path Of Love
            Website focusing on the life and work of Mother Teresa.

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    Internet services / Software

  • Love Offering
            Quote: We proudly offer Christian Business Web Hosting and Design Services.

  • The Catholic Software Company
            Quote: The Catholic Software Company - Dedicated to Catholic Parishes since 1991.

  • C&JD; CD Duplication
            Quote: We specialize in high quality, CD-R or pressed CD duplications, ranging from long runs up to the 1000s or more, to short runs from 1 CD to 500.

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    Travel / Retreats

  • Tours 2000 - Pilgrimages
            DAS is a group of experts in religious travel who have been caring for pilgrims in Medugorje ever since the village became a major religious shrine.

  • Sacred Travel
            Quote: Join us and travel as a pilgrim to the world's most holy and peaceful sites. Make your next journey an inner journey. Discover the beauty of your soul while enjoying some of the most beautiful places in the world.

  • Tatry Travel Services
            Quote: Welcome to Tatry Travel Services! Specializing in Poland & Central/Eastern Europe!

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    Other sites that don't fall into the above categories

  • Bride and Groom Communication Online-Marriage Preparation
            A web site offering marriage preparation information.

  • Catholic Health Association of Wisconsin
            Founded in Milwaukee in 1920, the Association continues to collectively influence the direction of health care in Wisconsin by facilitating the development of responsible leadership in the advancement of the collaborative use of the membership's resources, just social policy, and spiritual and ethical decision making.

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